House Rules

General Rules

  • Bonus XP will be granted to characters of players that write Adventure Log entries.

Book learning and Skills

  • Once your character finishes reading a book, I can give you a summary of it’s contents and any relevant pieces of info. I may allow you include your proficiency bonus on certain Intelligence checks to recall more specific information that your character had previously read. The specific Intelligence checks depend on what the subject of the book is.
  • Reading a book requires that your character is literate in the language the book is written in. The amount of time it takes to read the book depends on the length of the book and the intelligence of your character. I will determine the base hours it take to read based on its length and difficulty. Each character attempting to read that book will subtract their INT modifier from the base hours to determine how long it will take them to read it.
    • Example: For a book with base hours of 8, a 14 INT (+2) character will finish in 6 hours, but a 9 INT (-1) character will need 9 hours.

Character Rules

Ability Scores

When rolling ability scores the standard method is to roll 4d6 and drop the lowest die for each ability. You may instead choose one of the following options:

  • Roll 5d6 and drop the two lowest
    • Example: Roll 5 5 4 2 1 then drop two 5 5 4 and sum 14
  • Roll 3d10 and drop the lowest
    • Example: Roll 10 4 3 then drop one 10 4 and sum 14

You may not mix and match how you roll. Pick one option and use that for all abilities. Racial adjustments and other non-variant rules still apply. Probability Distributions


The variant rules for taking feats instead of Ability Score Improvements is allowed. Human characters may use the Variant Human Traits to start with a feat at 1st Level.

Hit Points after Level 1

You must roll your class Hit Dice for Hit Point increases when gaining a level, taking the average is not allowed. When making this roll, if your first roll is a natural 1, you may re-roll once for a second chance of a larger Hit Point increase. Constitution modifier is added to the result as normal.

House Rules

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